About Us

Hello Cheese was created out of a deep love of the stinky stuff, the gooey stuff, the blue stuff, the tangy stuff.... we could go on forever trying to put into words why cheese is our favourite food. But if you are already reading this then we are betting you are a bit of a fan too!

We want to take all you fellow cheese fiends/friends on a monthly adventure of discovering some new flavours for you to enjoy and fall in love with.

We see cheese as one of life's greatest treats.

Something so utterly delicious should be enjoyed and savoured like a great wine, our job is to bring you all these fantastic cheeses right to your door, every month.

Here at HC HQ, we love getting gifts delivered. Even gifts we've ordered for ourselves, there's something really special about getting that parcel to your front door.  One of the main concepts of Hello Cheese is the act of GIVING the GIFT OF CHEESE! 

Flowers are lovely, chocolates are always nice too, socks are useful, vouchers are sensible.... but we think that receiving a big box of mouthwatering cheeses for someone to enjoy will always win in the prezzie stakes! (We are biased though).

We really hope Hello Cheese can bring you as much enjoyment out of the gooey stuff as possible. 

Life is too short to be worrying about the niggles and hangups. 

If in doubt, always go with our motto.....


 Amanda X