How long will my cheese last for after I have received it?

Best Before dates will vary depending upon the type of cheese. Soft cheeses tend to have a shorter shelf life of 10 days, whereas hard cheeses like cheddar will have a much longer shelf life of up to 3 months!

It is worth bearing this in mind when you are choosing your delivery date.

If you are anything like us though, we tend not to have too much cheese hanging around as it has usually been devoured by then!


What happens after I have placed my order?

You should receive an email from us, notifying you of your order.

Our couriers will send you an email/text notification when your cheese box is out for delivery and they will also notify you of a 2 hour delivery window when you can expect your box!


What happens if I am not in to receive my order?

The couriers will be able to leave your order in a safe place or with a neighbour.

Please leave a note in the additional notes section in checkout.


My order hasn't been delivered?

Please contact APC here, where you will be able to enter your Consignment Number.

This should tell you where your order is. 

If you are still unsure, then please contact APC and tell them your order is perishable. 

Of course, if you have any queries regarding your delivery, then you can also contact us where we will do our absolute best to resolve any issue.


How will my cheese be packaged and will the condition of the cheese be OK once it is in transit?

Our Hello Cheese boxes are made from very strong, durable cardboard. Each box is carefully packed with wood wool and gel ice packs to keep the cheese at the right temperature for the duration of the journey and more.

We would recommend putting your cheese box into the refrigerator as soon as you can.


Can I reuse the gel ice packs?

The gel ice packs are reusable although not endlessly. Just pop them back in the freezer and they are good to go again when you need them! Please check them over for any signs of damage before using again. There are a great number of ways you can use them - check out this link for some cool tips!


I have ordered a monthly cheese box, when should I expect the delivery of the future boxes?

We will send out the following boxes on the same day each month. If the date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday however, we will send it out on the next available working day.

If you know you or whomever you have bought the cheese subscription for, is going to be away on a particular day, then please let us know asap and we can sort out an alternative date for you.


Which cheeses are safe to eat if I'm pregnant?

We don't advise on what cheese is safe to eat when pregnant.

Please see the NHS website which will be able to tell you more.