The Morn Dew Gift Box

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The Morn Dew Gift Box

Morn Dew is a fantastic cheese made by Pete Humphries and Roger Longman at White Lake.

Guernsey cows’ milk is used to make this artisan cheese, resulting in a terrific golden colour which is down to all the carotene that i present in the rich, Guernsey milk.

It’s has a delicately sweet, creamy flavour and produces a fruitier taste; a slightly red, soft and sticky rind; a distinctive smell; and a soft, spongy texture.

Morn Dew is a wonderful example of a ‘washed rind’ cheese, which is predominently associated with French cheeses, but more and more British cheese makers are developing their own exciting versions!

Morn Dew pairs perfectly with a strong, dark English beer.

In the gift box you will receive:

250g x Morn Dew

A packet of delicious artisan Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers

A jar of amazing Fig fruit.... perfect for cheese!

A hand written note of your choice (please state at checkout)

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