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The Hello Christmas Box

The Hello Christmas Box

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Your Hello Christmas Box will be jam packed with:

If you or anyone you are buying it for has a dislike to any of the above, don't worry! You can now choose to 'opt out' of certain cheeses, just use the drop down option at checkout! (p.s. you'll still receive 1kg of cheese!)

  • A mini jar of chutney from Springfield Kitchen
  • A few delicious, artisan crackers to get you going...!
  • Name tags for each cheese (this makes a cheeseboard look really smart)
  • Tasting notes and information about each cheese - a really cool talking point!
  • A personalised, handwritten note with a message of your choosing - perfect if you are sending to someone as a gift.
  • Boxed and sent to you via courier with free next day delivery as standard (you can choose a delivery date on checkout)

How many people will a Hello Christmas Box feed...?

Every occasion is different and so are the guests, but, generally, we go on the maths that:-

A cheese board following a heavy meal : 90 - 120g per person  (8 - 11 people)***

A cheese board at a party or friends coming over, where the cheese may be more of a main event : 150 - 200g per person (5 - 6 people)***

***If you are anything like us though, we LOVE being able to pick at the cheese afterwards and for days afterwards - maybe something to bear in mind too!

*Please note, the brie in the photograph is NOT the Brie De Meaux with truffles that will be featured in the box. Brie De Meaux with truffles is a very special, seasonal product and doesn't even reach ourselves until the first week of December, hence us having to use another (cheaper) type of brie - just for display purposes!