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The Deluxe Christmas Box *SOLD OUT*

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In the Deluxe Box, you will find :-

  • 2.1KG's of ALL the 7 cheeses featured
  • 500g  x  Colston Bassett                                (Stilton)
  • 500g  x  Montgomery 12 Month Cheddar      (Cheddar)
  • 250g  x  Brie De Meaux with Truffles              (Brie....but better)*
  • Whole 200g  x  Flower Marie                          (Soft Ewes')
  • Whole 250g  x  Camembert De Normandie   (Camembert)
  • 250g  x  Cherrywood Oak Smoked Cheddar (Smoked)
  • Whole  x  150g Selles Sur Cher                      (French Goats')
  •  3 jars of the exquisite artisan chutneys - Plum (great with the blue's), Piccalili (amazing with the hard cheeses like cheddar) and the Fig (a beautiful accompaniment for soft cheeses)
  • 2 boxes of delicious water crackers and charcoal wafers
  • Name tags for each cheese (this makes a cheeseboard look really smart)
  • Tasting notes and information about each cheese - a really cool talking point!
  • A personalised, handwritten note with a message of your choosing - perfect if you are sending to someone as a gift.
  • Boxed and sent to you via courier with free next day delivery as standard (you can choose a delivery date on checkout)

How many people will a Deluxe Box feed...?

Every occasion is different and so are the guests, but, generally, we go on the maths that:-

A cheese board following a heavy meal : 90 - 120g per person  (15-16 people)***

A cheese board at a party or friends coming over, where the cheese may be more of a main event : 150 - 200g per person (10 people)***

***If you are anything like us though, we LOVE being able to pick at the cheese afterwards and for days afterwards - maybe something to bear in mind too!

*Please note, the brie in the photograph is NOT the Brie De Meaux with truffles that will be featured in the box. Brie De Meaux with truffles is a very special, seasonal product and doesn't even reach ourselves until the first week of December, hence us having to use another (cheaper) type of brie - just for display purposes!