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Comté (extra vieux)

Comté (extra vieux)

One of France’s most popular cheeses (consumed by at least 50% of the population), Comté has been produced for over eight centuries in the Jura region.

Shepherds from the Jura created Comte because of the long periods of time they spent up in the mountains, they needed a hard cheese to eat that matured slowly. Considered one of the world's greatest cheeses Comté captures the essence of raw, mountain pasture-fed cow milk.

It goes perfectly with a Rhone red...!

Country of Origin France
Milk Variety Cows'
Style of Cheese Hard
Vegetarian? No
Organic? No
Unpasteurised? Yes
Storage Keep refrigerated below 8°.
Freshly cut and wrapped to order. Please eat within 7 days of receipt.