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Previous Selections

March 2018

We were so excited at the prospect of getting these 5 cheeses for this month - each one is DEVILISHLY good, TRULY delicious and we loved being able to showcase each one it's own glory!

The 5 cheeses this month were :

Tunworth (one of Amanda's all time fave's)

Cerney Ash Mini (an amazing goats' cheese which looks AND tastes the part!)

Shropshire Blue (if you like Stilton, this is going to be a winner!)

Tomme De Savoie (a VERY tasty French Alpine cheese!

Isle of Mull Cheddar (an incredible cheddar with a very interesting story behind it....)

 April 2018

Cropwell Bishop

This legendary, Nottinghamshire Blue Stilton is proof that supreme quality cheese is hard to beat! It is made to a traditional recipe with vegetarian rennet and is crucially hand-ladled. This is what sets this Stilton apart from the rest of the more a more widely available standard cheese.

The Cropwell Bishop Creamery has been in the current owners family since 1949 and is covered by the Protection of Designated Origin Status (PDO) because of t's heritage, traditional recipe and hand-ladled practices. Cropwell Bishop is recognised around the world as one of the BIG BOSSES of the stilton world, you simply can't beat it!

It's rich, tangy and velvety texture is mouthwatering and one that can be enjoyed either on a fantastic cheeseboard or alone, with a big glass of port and walnuts.

Flower Marie 

We absolutely love this cheese. After featuring it in The Deluxe Christmas Box, we just couldn't wait any longer to unleash it in The April Box!

The late artisan cheese maker and wholesaler, James Aldridge developed the recipe for Flower Marie and handed it to Kevin and Alison Blunt in the early nineties where they now the produce this small, mold ripened cheese from sheep's milk, which comes from Wayfield Dairy Sheep, Stratford-upon-Avon and Top Paddock Dairy near Horsham in West Sussex.

Flower Marie has a rind that is bloomy white, sometimes with a hint of pink. Inside lies an almost ice-cream like texture, meltingly soft texture and ivory white in colour.

As soon as it is cut, it starts to melt and oozes like nothing you've seen before!

It's delicious and it's sweet, subtle yet aromatic flavours  make this a worthy winner of so many awards.

Enjoy this wonderful masterpiece with a good red wine.

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

Sparkenhoe is the only Red Leicester made today in Britain with raw milk on a farm in Leicestershire. David and Jo Clarke started making Sparkenhoe in 2005 from their herd of 150 Holstein Friesian and 160 other cows of various breeds.

It's eye-catching colour is down to Annatto, a natural plant dye, which gives the cheese it's vibrant orange colour.

David and Jo's commitment to relaunching the often tired reputation of Red Leicester has worked wonders - the Sparkenhoe Red Leicester offers a strong and powerful flavour which makes it an essential ingredient for the perfect Ploughmans lunch or as an accompaniment for the cheese board!

Brie De Nangis

Pronounced bree duh nahn-ZHEE...! During the Second World War, production of this French soft cheese stopped and wasn't revived until 80 years later, when Robert Rouzaire decided to unearth it's original recipe. It's name comes from the town where it is made (just southwest of Paris) and the Fromagerie Rouzire now make the cheese all year round in the region of Saine-et-Marne.

It's definitely more milder, yet more buttery than its prominent Brie De Meaux, yet it develops a luscious, mushroom flavour with age and we absolutely adore it here at HCHQ!

As with most Brie's, they like to partner up - so we recommend it with a crisp white wine or full bodied red or a heavily hopped beer.


Based on a Dutch recipe, this Irish twist on gouda is the creation of Helene and Dick Willems, both natives of the Netherlands, who moved to a small farm in Southern Ireland. They decided to start making cheese in 1979, using the milk from their own herd of cows. The cheese is named after the local village, Cúil Aodha (anglicized as Coolea). Their son, Dicky, joined the crew and in 1993 became the main cheesemaker. In 1999 both Helene and Dick retired , but are still active members of the team and can often be found at food fairs, spreading the Coolea love! The Coolea has won a huge array of awards including Supreme Champion in 2000 at the British Cheese Awards.

You can taste the lush pastures of County Cork, with it's grassy yet nutty flavour, with hints of caramel. Coolea (pronounced 'cool'-'lay') makes a perfect table cheese which can be enjoyed with a good and fruity Pinot Gris or Riesling!