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Flower Marie

We absolutely love this cheese. 

The late artisan cheese maker and wholesaler, James Aldridge developed the recipe for Flower Marie and handed it to Kevin and Alison Blunt in the early nineties where they now the produce this small, mold ripened cheese from sheep's milk, which comes from Wayfield Dairy Sheep, Stratford-upon-Avon and Top Paddock Dairy near Horsham in West Sussex.

Flower Marie has a rind that is bloomy white, sometimes with a hint of pink. Inside lies an almost ice-cream like texture, meltingly soft texture and ivory white in colour.

As soon as it is cut, it starts to melt and oozes like nothing you've seen before!

It's delicious and it's sweet, subtle yet aromatic flavours  make this a worthy winner of so many awards.

Enjoy this wonderful masterpiece with a good red wine.

A whole 250g Flower Marie features in The Deluxe Box.