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Your Hello Christmas Box will be jam-packed with:

    *The Brie de Meaux with truffles is a highly seasonal product, meaning it won't arrive with us until 7/8th of December. Therefore, it won't be included in the boxes until 10th/11th December. 

    The brie in the main photograph is NOT the Brie De Meaux with truffles that will be featured in the box. Brie De Meaux with truffles is a very special, seasonal product and doesn't even reach ourselves until the first week of December, hence us having to use another (cheaper) type of brie - just for display purposes! Take a look here at what real Brie De Meux with Truffles looks like.

    You can easily leave out a certain cheese if you or the chosen participant isn't keen - just choose from the dropdown menu at checkout! Your box will still be made up of 1kg.

    How many people will a Hello Christmas Box feed...?

    Every occasion is different and so are the guests, but, generally, we go on the maths that:-

    A cheese board following a heavy meal : 90 - 120g per person  (8 - 11 people)***

    A cheese board at a party or friends coming over, where the cheese may be more of a main event : 150 - 200g per person (5 - 6 people)***

    ***If you are anything like us though, we LOVE being able to pick at the cheese afterwards and for days afterwards - maybe something to bear in mind too!